Education K-12 M.A.

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Silmser, Lisa

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Nathan Elliott


This thesis paper explores the implementation and outcomes of project based learning (PjBL) in an elementary literacy classroom setting. The research aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness of PjBL as an instructional approach and its impact on student learning outcomes. The research investigates the implementation strategies employed by educators to facilitate PjBL and examines the resulting impact on academic achievement and social-emotional learning (SEL). Findings reveal that PjBL significantly enhances student engagement by fostering active and collaborative learning experiences. Students involved in PjBL demonstrate increased critical thinking skills as they engage in authentic problem-solving and decision-making activities. Moreover, PjBL supports the acquisition and application of content knowledge in a meaningful context, resulting in deeper understanding and improved long-term retention. PjBL is a valuable instructional approach in elementary classrooms. The research is applied through the creation of unit and lesson plans for an elementary literacy classroom.

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Education K-12 M.A.

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Masterʼs thesis