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Many receiving mental health treatment across the U.S. see spirituality and religion as very helpful in supporting their mental state (Oxhandler et al., 2021). How often black Americans attended church in adolescence is related to how as a young adult they could spiritually handle mentally stressing situations (Alexander, 2017). There’s a gap in previous studies because most of them study specific groups rather than using a representative sample of the U.S. In addition, there is a lack of studies investigating the relationship between adolescent religiosity/spirituality and adult mental health. This study uses a representative sample and investigates the association between adolescent religiosity/spirituality and adult mental health.



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Spring 2022


Pyschology Statistics Symposium Poster


PSY230M - Introduction to Statistical Methods and Experimental Design

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Corrow, Sherryse


Posters in this symposium are a result of independent, semester-long statistics projects, using R code to analyze and present the data and findings. Students selected a research question they feel passionate about and analyzed data using nationally representative datasets.