Physician Assistant M.S.

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Michener, Mary

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Alicia House;

Third Reader

Julie DeHaan


Recognized as a nationwide epidemic, the problematic use of opioid substances is known as OUD: Opioid Use Disorder. The effect of this disease has been felt in our communities, workplaces, and personal lives and its true impact has yet to be fully realized. This highlights the urgent need for informed and compassionate caregivers with an ability to recognize, care for, and empower those suffering from OUD. The purpose of this community service project is to design and implement an educational module focusing on the many facets of OUD, including the pathophysiology, interventions, harm reduction techniques, treatment options, and naloxone training. Through education, this project aims to reduce stigma and prepare nurses and nursing students to effectively help individuals with OUD. This project is a product of a partnership between Bethel University and the Steve Rummler HOPE Network - a leader in opioid education and prevention in the Twin Cities Metro. The completed curriculum is available to nursing programs at no charge and also fulfills the requirements for continuing education credits.

Degree Name

Masters of Science in Physician Assistant

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Masterʼs thesis