Education Doctorate

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Patricia Paulson

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Craig Paulson, Richard Barnhouse


This research looked at how higher education leaders identified and managed their emotions in times of institutional change. Interviews were conducted with higher education leaders who were above the level of director and were not chancellors or presidents. The researcher sought to (1) discover the emotions of higher education leaders in times of change, (2) gain an understanding of how leaders managed their emotions, and (3) discover how leaders can build an understanding of emotional awareness in the workplace. Data collected from this study provides opportunities to understand the impact of emotions in the workplace and can benefit current and emerging leaders in higher education. Through researcher coding, the themes included: Positive and Negative Emotions, Positive and Negative Reactions to Emotions, Managing Change, Role, and Awareness. Participants in the study identified various emotions they experienced in the workplace, how they reacted to the emotions, how they regulated their emotions, and the management of change in the workplace. Study participants highlighted strong communication, emotional intelligence, awareness, and transparency.

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Education Doctorate

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Doctoral dissertation