Education Doctorate

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Cheryl Bostrom

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Omotoke Olatoye, Craig Paulson


Research identifies several aspects of school climate and confirms the importance of parental satisfaction with school climate in terms of student learning. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has a highly competitive market for international schools, and families living in this region have experienced a disruption in their children’s education with the movement from on-campus to off-campus learning during the COVID pandemic. Therefore, a total of 150 parents of early childhood to high school students in one international school were surveyed about off-campus learning and 382 parents were surveyed about on-campus learning, and the data results were analyzed to determine how the on-campus or off-campus learning environments affect parental satisfaction with the following seven aspects of school climate: student enjoyment, student motivation, student evaluation, student background, student ability to learn, student respect for staff, and teacher respect for students. The results were also compared to existing literature and suggestions made for further research on parental satisfaction and its relationship with learning environments.Keywords: Hong Kong international schools, learning environment, on-campus learning, off-campus learning, parental satisfaction, school climate

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Education Doctorate

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Doctoral dissertation