Nurse-Midwifery M.S.

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Dahlgren-Roemmich, Dawn

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Renee Clark


Introduction: Mindfulness-based childbirth education focuses on supporting normal physiologic labor and birth. This article presents the findings of an integrative review examining the relationship between prenatal mindfulness education and childbirth outcomes through the theoretical framework lens of the Roy Adaptation Model. Methods: A literature review of PubMed and CINAHL was completed to identify original studies. The database search included articles published between 2011 and 2022. Article inclusion criteria specified original research, randomized controlled trials, qualitative studies, and pilot randomized controlled studies. Article exclusion criteria specified integrative reviews, systematic reviews, other non-experimental studies, and non-English language reports. Studies pertaining specifically to perinatal or postpartum mental health were excluded from review. A hand search of all applicable reviews was conducted along with a hand search of relevant journals published between 2011 to 2022. Results: The search resulted in 36 articles after removal of duplicates. After a review of abstracts and full-texts, seven articles met the criteria for inclusion. An additional three articles were included from citation hand search. Findings from these ten articles indicated a correlation between prenatal mindfulness education and improved childbirth outcomes or satisfaction. Participants endorsed higher childbirth self-efficacy, decreased opioid analgesia use, higher sense of control, and decreased levels of fear, anxiety, or distress. Discussion: Using the Roy Adaptation Model to examine the effects of prenatal mindfulness and childbirth outcomes highlights the many ways in which mindfulness-based childbirth education can impact birth outcomes and satisfaction. A lack of research pertaining to mindfulness and its relationship to childbirth should be addressed. Nurse-midwives should encourage patients desiring an unmedicated or physiologic birth to pursue prenatal mindfulness education.

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M.S. Nurse-Midwifery

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Masterʼs thesis