Physician Assistant M.S.

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First Advisor

Klein, Alicia

Second Reader

Krista Nauman;


Scalpel at the Cross (SATC) is a nonprofit Christian organization that serves the Pucallpa, Peru community through short-term medical mission trips. Teams travel to Pucallpa each year to perform orthopedic surgeries, educate providers in local clinics, and build relationships within the community (Lezak et al., 2020). One aspect of this organization’s mission is to provide adequate follow-up care after surgery (Larson, 2014). However, SATC representatives have identified a general lack of understanding among patients regarding the need for follow-up care after surgical procedures (K. Rodriguez & E. Cardona, personal communication, September 25, 2020). In order to address this problem, the researchers agreed to work with SATC to create an educational pamphlet that details the importance of follow-up care after orthopedic surgery. Prior to designing this resource, the researchers gathered information about the impact of orthopedic injuries in developing countries, cultural barriers to medical care in Pucallpa, and the importance of follow-up management for both physical rehabilitation and infection prevention. Research demonstrated that several factors hinder patient compliance with postoperative follow-up care, including cultural understanding and access to medical personnel (Agarwal-Harding et al., 2016; Nawaz et al., 2001). Follow-up care is associated with reduced recovery time, fewer complications, lower infection rates, and improved outcomes (Penrod et al., 2004; Whiting et al., 2015). The educational pamphlet was then created using Canva and a media kit provided by SATC. The resource was given to SATC for translation into local languages and distribution to patients in Pucallpa, Peru.

Degree Name

Masters of Science in Physician Assistant

Document Type

Masterʼs thesis