Education K-12 M.A.

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Silmser, Lisa

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Meghan Cavalier;


Inquiry-based learning is a popular topic in today’s mainstreams classrooms due to increasing student needs and the push to create more inclusive classrooms. This thesis explores the benefits of inquiry-based learning and inclusive classrooms. Inquiry-based learning teaches students important skills that traditional curriculums do not teach unless intentional modifications are made to the curriculum. Skills such as communication, organization, problem-solving and problem posing, tolerance, grit, self-efficacy, how to make connections, apply new learning, attentive listening, and research skills are all developed during inquiry-based learning experiences. Inclusive classrooms are necessary for students to learn to collaborate with people who think and behave differently than them. Ultimately, using inquiry to create an inclusive learning environment allows students to choose their learning path and teachers to differentiate instruction, which increases overall engagement in school.

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Education K-12 M.A.

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Masterʼs thesis

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