Education Doctorate

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Soria, Krista

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Judith Nagel, Joni Burgin-Hartshorn


The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between the use of best practices for K-12 general education teachers and special education teachers in Minnesota K-12 approved online learning programs. Additionally, the relationships between teachers’ use of best practices, personality characteristics, work-life variables, and demographics of teachers were examined. A survey was sent to 97,894 Tier 3 and 4 licensed teachers in Minnesota, from which 4,396 teachers returned the survey. A total of 340 teachers from K-12 approved online learning programs participated in the study, 269 (79%) who were general education teachers and 71 (21%) were special education teachers. Six t-test analyses were conducted to identify best practice factors. Multiple linear regression analyses were completed to examine the relationship between personality characteristics, demographics, or work-life variables and teachers’ use of the six best teaching practice factors. Findings indicate that there is a statistically significant difference between the use of two best practices among general education and special education teachers. Recommendations for teacher training, the selection of best fit teachers, and school leader strategies to support teachers’ use of online best teaching practices are discussed.

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Education Doctorate

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Doctoral dissertation