Teaching M.A.

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Wolkerstorfer, Jodi

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Courtney Kohn;


Online teaching and learning continue to grow in the post-pandemic educational world. The purpose of this thesis was to identify effective teaching strategies and student attributes that promote positive learner outcomes in the online environment. Based on the literature review of 30 research studies, evidence supports the following effective teaching strategies: (1) get students to engage with content, (2) give feedback, (3) get students working together, and (4) build students’ self-efficacy. Teacher implementation of these methods increases student engagement and improves learner outcomes. Research also supports the following student attributes that contribute to positive, online, academic achievement: (1) motivation, (2) self-direction, (3) self-efficacy, and (4) supports. Prudent educators will consider these factors when enrolling online students to ensure success. Students will be best served by teachers who continue to define and apply best practices, incorporating effective teaching strategies for the online setting. The majority of the studies reviewed were focused on K-12 students; however, due to the lack of pertinent research available, some studies included students at the post-secondary level. Further studies in this area are needed to fill gaps in the current research and to keep pace with this ever-changing mode of learning so that online learning continues to be an avenue for a quality education.

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Teaching M.A.

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Masterʼs thesis

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