Education Doctorate

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Ziegler, Annette


The majority of students with special education needs spend of 80% their time in general education classrooms (National Center for Education Statistics, 2019c). While participation in general education classes is linked to positive outcomes for students with special education needs, little has been researched regarding actual practices occurring in inclusive classrooms and the impact of such practices. Academic and social gains for students in general education classrooms are unlikely without effective instruction and intervention. This quantitative study investigated whether there was a relationship between the degree of implementation of inclusive practices in classrooms and student self-perception of academic self-concept and social inclusion. This study intended to systematically examine what components of practice are related to improving student outcomes in classrooms including students with disabilities. The relationship between inclusive practices and student perception outcomes was investigated in high school English Language Arts classes with three or more students with special education needs across four suburban high schools. A positive highly statistically significant relationship was found between student rating of inclusivity of teacher practices and students’ social inclusion. No relationship was found between inclusive practices and students’ academic self-concept.

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Education Doctorate

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Doctoral dissertation

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