Special Education M.A.

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Elliott , Nathan


Play is among the most vital components in elementary student’s prosperity, wellbeing and improvement academically and socially. It is a characteristic and instinctual behaviour which should be encouraged during childhood. Some articles indicate how vital playing is for the prosperity and improvement of elementary students, showing why elementary students should have time, support and places to play. They examine the impact of various sorts of play, specifically, outside play and the significance of giving nearby neighbourhood spaces where children feel safe outside with their peers. Different articles recommend fair treatment for elementary students who have special needs. The full acknowledgment of these rights for all children and elementary students is critical for their wellbeing and happiness. Research suggest how imperative it is for elementary students to have time and chance to play uninhibitedly all through their childhoods, settling on their own decisions and building their comprehension of themselves and how they identify with the general population and world around them.

Degree Name

Special Education M.A.

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Masterʼs thesis