Doctor of Ministry

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Senapatiratne, Timothy


The problem this project addressed is in the reality of the existence of demons’ in their wicked spirit world of abode and kingdoms coupled with the challenges that wicked activities of demons pose to the lives and ministries of Christian leaders and followers. In response to this problem, researcher surveyed the wicked activities of demons in the lives and ministries of some biblical leaders and followers in the Old and New Testaments. The researcher further reviewed the relevant literature and showed that many voices, especially in the Western academia, argue for the non-existence of demons. But, in spite of this skepticism, the researcher has established the reality of demons’ existence and their invisible world and kingdoms that include demons of the air, demons of fire, and demons of water, and demons on the earth’s crust and under the earth’s crust. These demons incarnate change forms and appear face-to-face to humans in multiple manifestations, and human agents and non-human agents of darkness have various means and methods of seeing demons face-to-face. These means and methods include initiation, invocation, incantation, demonic prayer and fasting, and the use of various meeting places of mystery and coincidence. Researcher emphatically conclude that no researcher should use these demonic methods and means for in-depth research because they are prohibition of the Lord (Leviticus 19:26, 31; 20:6, 27; Isaiah 3:2-4). For such in-depth research, researchers can personally approach and interview the former agents of darkness. From the collection and analysis of data, the researcher concluded that demons and their invisible world and kingdoms exist. Moreover, demons’ transformations and embodiments make their agents and non-agents see demons face-to-face. And demons and their agents carry out diverse wicked operations and attacks but woefully fail on Christian leaders and followers that are truly born again, filler of the Holy Ghost, live biblical holy lives warfare and dynamic in spiritual warfare.

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Doctor of Ministry

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Doctoral thesis