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Hanson, Christina


While factors contributing to rates of approval and disapproval of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) have been studied at length, the perspective of Physician Assistants’ (PA) approval and disapproval of PGD has not been studied, nor the common reasons why PAs approve or disapprove of PGD. The first goal of this study was to identify approval and disapproval rates of PGD amongst PAs. The next goal was to identify common reasons PAs approve or disapprove of PGD utilization. Members of the California Academy of Physician Assistants [CAPA (CA)] and Kansas Academy of Physician Assistants [KAPA (KS)] completed an adapted, electronic survey that assessed individual approval and disapproval rates of PGD, and the common reasons why. Regarding the use of PGD, 43% of the participants agreed or strongly agreed with the use of PGD for Mendelian conditions. The most common reasons participants agreed were: PGD improves the chances of a healthy child and couples’ autonomy. Most commonly cited reasons of disapproval of the Mendelian use of PGD were: PGD interferes with nature and places providers in the role of “Playing God”, and PGD promotes discrimination. Opinions regarding Non-Mendelian use of PGD were more stratified, with 93% disagreeing or strongly disagreeing with PGD utilization for Non-Mendelian screening. The common reasons of disapproval of PGD were: PGD promotes discrimination against people with certain characteristics, PGD interferes with nature and places providers in the role of “playing God”, widespread use of PGD may lead to unforeseen consequences, and PGD leads to unnecessary destruction of embryos.

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Masters of Science in Physician Assistant

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Masterʼs thesis

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