Nurse Educator M.S.

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Meyer, Kimberly


Background: Nurses are leaving the profession at high rates and many of them cite compassion fatigue and burnout as the cause. Nursing students leave their schooling at even higher rates. Developing resilience in nursing students and practicing nurses will prevent many from changing careers. Purpose: The purpose of this critical review of the literature is to answer the question: How can nurse educators encourage the growth of resilience in nursing students and practicing nurses? Results: Using the Johns Hopkins Research Evidence Appraisal Tool (Dearholt & Dang, 2002), eighteen high quality and good quality articles were reviewed for this project. This literature review reveals multiple techniques for nurse educators to use in the development of a more resilient workforce. These techniques include education on relevant topics, mentorship programs, and social support. Conclusion: Burnout and compassion fatigue are significant issues affecting nurses in the healthcare system. One way to combat the effects of these disorders is through building resilience. There are many ways for nurse educators, as well as schools and organizations, to build resilience in their nurses and nursing students. It is imperative to build resilience to encourage compassion satisfaction and keep nurses in the healthcare industry. Implications for Research and Practice: Nurse educators have a variety of techniques they can employ to develop resilience in nurses and nursing students including education, support, and empowerment. Through increased resilience, the healthcare industry will be able to retain more nurses and alleviate some of the strain caused by the current nursing shortage. Additional research is needed to identify the most effective and efficient ways of encouraging resilience in new nurses and nursing students. Further research is also needed to assess the nature of resilience in larger and more diverse populations, as well as the long-term impact of resiliency programs and education.

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M.S. Nurse Educator

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Masterʼs thesis

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