Teaching M.A.

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Cavalier, Meghan


One of the largest minority student populations in the United States is Latinos. Despite the large population, there is a significant achievement gap between Latino students and their white classmates. This literature review examines the issues Latino students face at school and how educators can help bridge the gap and increase achievement. Research shows that there are several factors that contribute to this educational gap including student discrimination, lack of parental involvement, an underrepresentation of Latino students in advanced classes and language issues for bilingual students. Many of these issues can be resolved or decreased by educators of Latino students. Schools can create programs that engage Latino learners and support their bilingual abilities. Researchers found that teachers can learn to better connect with their diverse students through culturally relevant and immersion trainings. Culturally responsive teaching is an effective method that allows teachers to gain an understanding of their students’ backgrounds, which increases student engagement and achievement.

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Teaching M.A.

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Masterʼs thesis

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