Nurse Educator M.S.

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Holland, Ann


Background: The nursing shortage and growing complexities in health care environments demands that nurse leaders improve their leadership skills and create PPE where all nurses feel supported and valued. Purpose: The purpose of this critical review of the literature is to present a review of the literature regarding the importance of effective leadership skills in creating a nursing Professional Practice Environment (PPE). For the purpose of this critical review of literature, a PPE is conceptualized as a healthy practice environment. Results: Using the five domains of the SCARF model as a filter to analyze the articles, 26 articles were identified for the review of the literature. This model gives greater insights to human behavior and allows nursing leaders to understand how these fundamental elements contribute to a PPE. Conclusion: PPE is important for the overall health of nurses and for successful nurse recruitment and retention. It is a healing, empowering environment that correlates with employee engagement and organizational commitment. The findings from the critical review of the literature shows a positive effect between nursing leadership skills and a PPE. The findings show that leadership skills of nurse leaders are valuable in creating a PPE. The three elements that emerged to help nurse leaders set the standards of a PPE are; effective communication, collaborative relationship and promoting increased decision-making among nurses (Heath et al., 2004). It is very important that hospitals provide leadership training for nurse leaders so they can support a PPE. Implications for Research and Practice: The escalating concerns over the growing of national nursing shortage are leading to further questions about the role of nurse leaders in creating and sustaining a PPE. Examining the relationship between leadership skills and variables within the PPE that have direct relationship will help healthcare organizations improve their overall performance.

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M.S. Nurse Educator

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Masterʼs thesis

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