Special Education M.A.

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First Advisor

Bonawitz, Katie


The focus of this research is to better understand causes of anxiety and depression among college students and how colleges can better assist these students. For various reasons, social anxiety is linked to excessive drinking and binge eating/exercising. A comorbid relationship exists between anxiety, depression and sleep disturbance. Sleep disturbance has multiple causes, but this research mostly focused on how technology interferes with sleep. In addition to sleep disturbance, excessive drinking, and binge eating/exercising/anxiety and depression are linked to perfectionism, goal setting, living accommodations, parent attachment and transition, and career planning. Remedies explored for anxiety and depression treatment and prevention were yoga, mindfulness, visualization, tai chi chuan, journaling, Emotional Freedom Technique, and biofeedback.

Degree Name

Special Education M.A.

Document Type

Masterʼs thesis