Physician Assistant M.S.

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Ekbom , Gregory


Honduras is a country with great healthcare needs. Within health care, the largest percentage of mortality is due to conditions occurring in the perinatal period, including prenatal and maternal health, delivery and postnatal care (PAHO, 2017a). Additionally, malnutrition continues to affect infants as they growth throughout their childhood (Gray, Cossman, & Powers, 2006). Education is shown to produce positive outcomes in low-income populations (Perkins, et al, 2011). The purpose of this project was to identify Honduran healthcare needs and provide effective and sustainable intervention. A needs assessment with a Honduran-Canadian health organization reiterated evidence found in the literature, illustrating the need for interventions in the areas of perinatal health and childhood nutrition. In partnership with Project Hope Clinic in El Cacao, Honduras, four educational tools were created to target these problems. A maternal health pamphlet handed out in the Project Hope Clinic educates prospective and current mothers on the basic tenants of pre- and post-natal care. A sexual health presentation addresses relational issues, pregnancy prevention, STD transmission, and reproductive anatomy. This presentation targets youths 13 to 19 in the village of El Cacao. A childhood nutrition pamphlet and lesson plan were created to educate children and parents on the nutrition needs of their children. The lesson plan was utilized at three schools near El Cacao, and the nutrition pamphlet was handed out to participants in the program. Limitations, most notably cultural and language barriers, were countered by editing and revision of materials by culturally-familiar and fluent Spanish speakers associated with the clinic. All four educational resources were provided to the staff of Project Hope Clinic, in digital and paper format, for future distribution. While no data was collected, there were positive responses to the educational materials from the recipients and from the local staff of Project Hope Clinic.

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Masters of Science in Physician Assistant

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Masterʼs thesis

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