Special Education M.A.

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Strand, Charles

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Jan Mrozinski


Special education teachers encounter a variety of challenges throughout the academic school year. Burnout among special education teachers has proven to be a complex issue, with many factors playing a role. This thesis explored the primary causes of burnout with special education teachers, as well as some strategies to help cope and deal with burnout with special education teachers. After researching this topic, primary causes for burnout in special education teachers included work environment, interpersonal relationships and workload, role ambiguity and personality traits, and COVID-19. Helpful coping strategies for avoiding burnout included administration support and induction programs, exercise and nutrition, time management and routine, social support and mindfulness, and prayer. As the special education landscape continues to evolve, teachers should proactively find and establish new coping strategies to manage the extensive and complex list of responsibilities that come with serving special education students.

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Special Education M.A.

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Masterʼs thesis