Education Doctorate

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First Advisor

Wilson, Louise


The purpose of this study was to research the effects of positive schools on African-American students in grades three through eight. There were a total of ten schools involved the research. All of the schools were located in the state of Alabama. There was a sample population of five schools and a randomly selected population of five schools. The sample population of schools were located in region six of Alabama. The randomly selected population of schools were located in three other regions of the state. School administrators and teachers were interviewed, and their interviews were recorded, transcribed, coded and analyzed for themes. There were six themes with coded detail embedded. All of the schools in the study were public schools in the state of Alabama. Moreover, these schools met accountability standards for three consecutive years. All of the schools met adequate yearly progress based on the state department of education standards for curriculum based instruction.

Degree Name

Education Doctorate

Document Type

Doctoral dissertation