Special Education M.A.

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First Advisor

Elliot, Nathan

Second Reader

Rachel Gilbert; Alexa Posny


Contemporary educational legislation is pushing a resurgence of historic educational program models to meet historic and contemporary barriers to student and school achievement. School districts, especially in urban centers are faced with increased challenges in meeting needs to ensure their achievement. These challenges include meeting the unique needs of students more frequently affected by barriers created by community poverty. School reform programs such as the Community Schools are being popularized to support underperforming schools, especially those serving high-poverty communities. This project reviewed comprehensive research regarding Community Schools including descriptions of their structures, their features and evidence of their effectiveness. The research demonstrated that Community Schools and programming efforts shifted away from the traditional school model. Specifically, the model is supported by a range of local and organizational stakeholders who expand the scope of a program's reach creating equitable and evidence based school reform strategy; one which can effectively address and navigate in and out of school barriers leading to student and school success.

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Special Education M.A.

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Masterʼs thesis