Colloquy Undergraduate Research Journal

Aims & Scope

Though the first Colloquy editorial team is entirely comprised of English majors for reasons stated above, we quickly decided that the journal’s scope should stretch beyond just the English department, instead furthering interdisciplinary academic dialogue. Though Bethel scholars study in different disciplines, under the auspices of diverse departments with specific goals, our ideas are ultimately strengthened when we converse across disciplines, sharing our varying expertise and perspectives in order to strive for a greater understanding of truth. Such collaboration and study must be glorifying to God, to have creation studied in such detail and with such attention, while stimulating community among those who similarly want to strive for deeper knowledge, arriving at greater humility as we become ever more aware of how simultaneously ingenious and limited we humans are.

Upon reviewing many excellent submissions, the Colloquy editing staff and faculty review team have selected seven exceptional essays for publication in this spring 2013 issue, [Re/De]Generation. In keeping with Colloquy’s mission of hosting discourse from diverse perspectives, this issue includes work from multiple different academic disciplines, including communication studies, English literature, mathematics, and Biblical and theological studies. After clearing our editors’ initial round of reviews, the seven papers in our first issue were reviewed and recommended for publication by two faculty or TA reviewers from their disciplines. We congratulate these authors for their achievement.

Regardless of the authors’ areas of study, we asked that submitted papers be related to the broad theme of [Re/De]Generation. Whether through deconstructing romantic relationships, explaining the history of a biblical passage, or optimizing an equation for baking the perfect brownies, all submissions are uniquely connected to this theme of creation and exploration. We welcome you to experience the discourse found in these pages.