Submissions from 2018


Wise Women: The Female Junzi in Confucian Ethics, Berit Turnquist
In the context of Confucian ethics, there are few concepts as indefinable yet centrally important to the system of thought as a whole as the ideal of the sage. The sage is a key topic of discussion in The Analects of Confucius, and has been...

Submissions from 2017


A Narrative Approach to Forgiveness Amidst Disagreement, Christopher Bengtson
While not always the case, there are instances where parties involved disagree on the nature of a particular offense. Personal conflict can lead to rifts in personal relationships or moral trust of the larger community; disagreement over th...

Submissions from 2015


The Role of Memory in Forgiveness: A Post-Forgiveness Investigation, Zachariah Berry
There is a fundamental importance and value in maintaining a memory of wrongs done in the past. What do we do, however, when we think that we have forgiven someone, but aspects from the past wrong continue to manifest in our conscious aware...