Submissions from 2020


The Ineffability of God, Omar Fakhri
I defend an account of God’s ineffability that depends on the distinction between fundamental and non-fundamental truths. I argue that although there are fundamentally true propositions about God, no creature can have them as the object of ...

Submissions from 2019


Building Bridges Across Faith Lines: Responsible Christian Education in a Post-Christian Society, Amy Poppinga, Marion Larson, and Sara Shady
The demographic composition of students and employees at many Christian colleges and universities in the United States does not reflect the growing religious diversity of the twenty-first century. While Christian higher education provides a...

Books from 2016

From Bubble to Bridge: Educating Christians for a Multifaith World, Marion H. Larson and Sara L. H. Shady
Summary: In a world of deep religious strife and increasing pluralism it can seem safer to remain inside the "bubble" of our faith community. Many Christians worry that engaging in interfaith dialogue will require watering down their faith ...

Books from 2010


Key Terms in Philosophy of Religion, Raymond J. VanArragon
Key Terms in Philosophy of Religion offers a clear, concise and accessible introduction to a central topic in philosophy. The book offers a comprehensive overview of the key terms, concepts, thinkers and major works in the history of this k...

Submissions from 2008


The Logic and Mill's Infamous Proof in Utilitarianism, Dan Yim
In a footnote to the final chapter of Book VI of "A System of Logic", Mill connects the distinction in the "Logic" to the non-standard proof of the principle of unity in "Utilitarianism". The distinction between science and art is a key to ...