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Student Library Research Prize winner Ryan Steel discusses modernity and some of its core characteristics and the way they manifest in modern social reality using the perspectives of Karl Marx, Max Weber, and Friedrich Nietzsche as general paradigm models for understanding and critiquing modernity. The paper continues to explore the following themes: general trends that have occurred and are continuing to occur within modern society and the manner in which it affects individuals; the three theorists’ visions of the future for modernity; possible alternatives for the future of modernity outside of those three theorists’ perspectives; and a synthesis of all the ideas about modernity that have been presented with an offer of a broader framework for envisioning the future of modernity.

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Library Research Prize - First Place Winner


SCS361 Sociocultural Theory

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Samuel Zalanga


The department, Anthropology, Sociology, and Reconciliation Studies, and course in which this paper was written was redistributed and discontinued.

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