Submissions from 2019


Creating Dynamic Undergraduate Learning Laboratories through Collaboration Between Archives, Libraries, and Digital Humanities, Kent Gerber, Charlie Goldberg, and Diana L. Magnuson
In an environment of rapid change in higher education in which institutions strive to lure prospective students with unique curricula, there is a growing need to provide innovative pedagogical experiences for students through collaborations...

Submissions from 2017


Conversation as a model to build the relationship among libraries, digital humanities, and campus leadership, Kent Gerber
By committing to two conversation-based concepts, David Lankes's Mission for New Librarians and the “Scholarship as Conversation” Information Literacy Frame, Bethel University's Library has established a leadership role in advocating and im...

Submissions from 2016


Getting Involved With the Digital Humanities in Theology, Biblical Studies, and Religious Studies, Kent Gerber
Digital humanities are growing and thriving in higher education, and, in the spirit of the pioneering work of Father Busa, it is important for theological and religious studies libraries and librarians to consider our roles and involvement ...


The Power of Encouragement: The Role of Christian Academic Librarians in Supporting the Whole Student, Earleen J. Warner
Christian librarians are exhorted to consider the role of providing encouragement, care, and emotional and spiritual support to college students. Caring for the whole student can have a positive impact on college student success and retenti...

Submissions from 2011

Building a shared digital collection: The experience of the cooperating libraries in consortium, Dora Wagner and Kent Gerber
Recognizing the digital opportunities available, the libraries of eight educational institutions in Minnesota built on a previously existing consortial relationship in order to explore the possibility of sharing a Digital Asset Management S...

Submissions from 2008

Transitioning medical specialty collections into virtual clinical tools with added value, Cindy Sheffield, Kent T.K. Gerber, Laurie Davidson, and Soraya Assar
Many hospital librarians are finding they need to recreate their roles, resources and service delivery methods to keep pace with the changes occurring in the medical community. The demand for evidence-based practice provides an excellent op...