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Precision experiments such as laser cooling and trapping using diode laser systems are increasingly prevalent in the fields of modern atomic, molecular and optical physics. Multiple laser diodes of precise frequencies and significant output power are often needed for such research. Here, a method for injection locking a slave laser to a master laser stabilized to an atomic line of lithium is described.The slave laser is a free running diode that is injection-locked by a small portion (2 mW) of the frequency shifted master laser light. Evidence of incomplete injection locking is described, in addition to a technique for improving the precision and robustness of the lock. Furthermore, a method for shifting the frequency of the slave laser in order to produce multiple beams of different detunings,(from 110 MHz to 406.5 MHz) is demonstrated. This provides the frequency detuned beams of adequate power (2.5 mW to 4.0 mW) in each beam needed for a magneto-optical trap of lithium atoms.

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Spring 2011

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