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Schlieren imaging is a technique for visualizing fluid flows that are characterized by spatial variations in density or refractive index. Because schlieren imaging is commonly performed with expensive equipment in a lab setting, we sought cost efficiency, accessibility, and ease of fabrication by designing a portable, smartphone-based system.

Date Accepted/Awarded

Fall 2020


Poster Presented at the 2021 Frontiers in Optics / Laser Science (FiO/LS) Conference


PHY422 Fluid Mechanics

First Advisor/Reader

Keith R. Stein


This research began as an H-tag project for the Pietas Honors Program at Bethel University during the fall semester of 2020, and the research continued during the summer of 2021. Over the course of the summer, this poster was created, and the research was presented in a Google slides format via Zoom at the all-virtual 2021 FiO/LS Conference on November 1, 2021.