Submissions from 2020


Echoes of a Student’s Voice: Education in an Emerging Country, Tracy Lynn Reimer
This fall I had the privilege to partake on an adventure in Southeast Asia to learn more about education systems in emerging countries. To be transparent, it was the call to move further along the cultural responsiveness continuum that insp...

Submissions from 2019


Preparing Equitable and Culturally Responsive School Leaders, Kimberly Hartung and Tracy Lynn Reimer
Equitable school leadership is intentional; it requires learning, listening, action, and reflection. This study explored how two school administrator preparation programs, focused on culturally responsive instructional leadership and critic...

Submissions from 2017


Speaking Out: When to Lead, When to Learn, Tracy Lynn Reimer
The premise that great schools have great leaders can lead to a vision of the principal as a heroic leader working alone to save the day. Yet, the notion of a principal leading in isolation is outdated, and the need for effective leaders ha...

Submissions from 2010


A Study on the Principal’s Role in the Development of Professional Learning Communities in Elementary Schools that “Beat the Odds” in Reading, Tracy Lynn Reimer
Current federal legislation, such as No Child Left Behind and The Race to the Top, have elicited high levels of accountability for increasing student reading achievement. Professional organizations and researchers encourage educators to org...