Submissions from 2022


A Reconciliatory Approach to Marketing: A Case of the Marginalized, Mauvalyn Bowen
This paper shares some reflections and research, informed by faith and Biblical principles, to cast a fresh vision for ways that marketing can be reconciliatory instead of adversarial, and God-honoring instead of self-glorifying. It then co...


Christian Higher Education as Sacred Liminal Space, Jessica Daniels
Theoretically and practically applied in his ministry, Jesus embodied sacred liminal space. From this “betwixt and between” position, he transformed individuals and the world. This incarnational conceptualization is the underpinning for fai...

Submissions from 2020


Faith Integration Essay: Biblical and Theological Studies, Victor I. Ezigbo
This essay discusses two major themes, "Faith, Theology, and Guiding Principles for Theological Reflection" and "Christian Gospel and the Public Sphere". The introduction begins as follows, "The term ‘faith’ is notoriously slippery. Theolo...

Submissions from 2016


Faith Integration Essay: Physics, Nathan Lindquist
What follows is a discussion on the process and limitations of Theology, the process and limitations of Science, and how they relate to our pursuit of God’s Truth. The particular “case study” that I choose to explore, for better or worse, i...

Submissions from 2014


The End(s) of Art: Faith-Learning Integration Statement, Lex Thompson
This essay demands something that is a little bit theology and a little bit art, and can only address a little bit of each. The material that follows does not presume to speak universally or systematically for either. Not only would such a ...

Submissions from 2013


Faith Integration: Engaged Teaching and Learning, Christopher Gehrz and Jay Rasmussen
This video and companion paper, "Faith and Learning: Conversation, Education, and the Pastoral Professor", explore the concept of Faith Learning Integration by exploring questions like: How is faith integration commonly understood in the wo...

Submissions from 2008


To Love Your Neighbor: A Christian Perspective on the Study of Microbiology and Immunology, Joy Doan
I have been blessed with enough of a sense of adventure to have experienced the awe-inspiring beauty of a rain forest at night, the top of Half Dome at Yosemite National Park, the sheer cliffs and rushing waters of the Narrows at Zion Natio...