Faculty Presentations of Innovations in Recruitment, Pedagogy, and Efforts Towards Justice


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This is a series of faculty presentations at the opening Faculty Convocation for the 2021-2022 academic year. The topics include innovative approaches to program revitalization, recruitment, pedagogy, and efforts toward justice. The speakers, topics, and start times include:

  1. Jeanine Parolini, A New Story for the MBA program - 00:40

  2. Merrin Guice Gill, Direct Recruiting Students as an Academic - 10:40

  3. Mary Lindell and Katie Bonawitz, Breaking Down Barriers in the Special Education program - 28:21

  4. Sarah Tahtien-Pacheco and Laura Sánchez González, New Way of Learning Language - 39:00

  5. Bryce Johnson, Future Church Leaders with Ministry Scholars - 48:14

  6. Angela Stoeckman, Women in STEM, Biochemistry Royal Academy - 54:24

  7. Judi Landrum, Micah 6:8 Training - 01:02:45

(audio length: 1 hour, 10 minutes, 47 seconds)

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Original audio was edited for clarity and to remove references to an online feedback form that was intended only for those attending the original event and to shorten the overall length. See the Provost Address at Faculty Convocation for the Introduction to the overall event.

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