Doctor of Ministry

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Berndt, Julie

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Ken Cochrum; Jeanine Parolini


The present study addressed the lack of insight regarding the impact of technology on the small church. The mixed method research for this project took a case study approach that also included the analysis of the biblical and theological foundation and the pertinent literary material regarding technologies’ impact on the small church. Online and in-person surveys were conducted as part of the study, and relevant information about independent church structures was gathered from church sources; personal interviews were conducted; observations were made; a denominational document review was conducted; and online surveys were administered to those who were not members of a church. It was followed by field research, analysis, and data evaluation. The research includes the voices of the leader, congregants, and non-church members’ views of technology’s impact on the small church. The impact of the technology study provides the groundwork to establish insight into strategies for the small church in this regard. This project identified the definite impact technology has had on the preference for worship styles in the church. It also reveals where the church has suffered during and after the pandemic. Lastly, it reveals what non-church members are looking for in regard to a church home.

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Doctor of Ministry

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Doctoral thesis