Doctor of Ministry

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Cochrum, Ken

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Joshua Carroll


Considering the obstacles Senior Pastors face within their churches, “A Case Study of Limitation Awareness Concerning Converge North Central Senior Pastors” is a project to address the following research questions: (1) To what level are Converge North Central (CNC) Senior Pastors aware of their limitations and need for emotional wellness and mental health? (2) If aware, how are CNC Senior Pastors addressing their emotional wellness and mental health? There is plenty of research and material illuminating burnout amongst Senior Pastors in their lives and ministry context. However, little research points to the level of awareness Senior Pastors have regarding their current emotional wellness, mental health, and their limitations. This issue is paramount since Senior Pastors are the primary rudder used to steer a church’s understanding and pursuit of these areas. Thus, the intentional pursuit and level of emotional wellness and mental health awareness amongst Senior Pastors works to build a healthy foundation for their congregations, marriages, and families.

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Doctor of Ministry

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Doctoral thesis