Doctor of Ministry

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Meyers, Peter

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Jeanine Parolini; Kate Scorgie


March 2020 introduced the world to a crisis unlike any seen in modern times. This crisis was the COVID-19 pandemic with its increased morbidity and high rates of death. It disrupted all aspects of society including global economies and health care systems. COVID-19 directly impacted schools, governments, commerce, and churches. This study addressed the need for research-based best practices that would provide the most successful outcomes for pastors during times of crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic. To identify these practices, the researcher used a qualitative research approach which incorporated a multi-case study and an online survey. To build the interview and survey questions, the researcher reviewed the biblical leadership narratives of Joseph and Moses as well as analyzed relevant academic research on leadership. Both Joseph and Moses incorporated adaptive leadership characteristics by leading individuals through difficult challenges that culminated in successful outcomes. 0The data was gathered from interviews with 5 Texas pastors who served in a church setting from March 2020 through December 2021 when the COVID-19 virus was peaking. The data was then analyzed seeking patterns and themes that would help identify the best practices that pastors need to rely on during times of crisis. These findings, aligned with an adaptive leadership style, appeared to produce the most successful outcomes. The best practices that emerged in this study as most useful during a crisis included: having personal character and integrity; having a clear vision, mission, and purpose; and, working to create and maintain relationships based on authenticity.

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Doctor of Ministry

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Doctoral thesis