Doctor of Ministry

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Irving, Justin


This study addressed the lack of understanding of the core components of a character formation strategy that could be employed in a leadership development model by the Advent Christian churches in North America. This qualitative study employed a multiple case study approach examining four Advent Christian churches from within the United States. The Lead Pastors from the four churches were interviewed and members of each church’s leadership team were surveyed in order to collect data regarding how character formation fits within their leadership development strategies. The research also included a review of the biblical book of 1 Timothy examining Paul’s prioritization of character in his selection and development of leaders and a contemporary literature review which examined the issues of leadership development and character formation across multiple disciplines. The information gleaned from these three data streams provided the necessary information to address the identified problem. Information was gleaned in the following relevant areas: valuable leadership character traits to focus on, leadership development strategies and practices, character formation strategies and practices, relevant resources and tools, and the use of Scripture in formulating strategies for leadership development and character formation.

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Doctor of Ministry

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Doctoral thesis