Teaching M.A.

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Farrington, Karin

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Charles Strand;


In the state of Minnesota, the standardized testing, known as the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) test, does not have a requirement for social studies. Math, reading and sciences are all tested, but social studies is left to the wayside. All across the United States more and more school districts are placing less value on social studies, choosing to focus more time on the subjects that will either be state tested or they deem “most” useful to students in their future careers. With recent current events rocking the United States, both politically and socially, it seems that the country is becoming more polarized and divided. This thesis will delve into the history of social studies and the various roles it has played in the United States at different times. How the subject has adapted and changed to fit the needs and times of its students is discussed as well as the relevancy and modernization efforts being set in place to educate future generations.

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Teaching M.A.

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Masterʼs thesis