Teaching M.A.

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Kron, Bill

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Lisa Silmser;


Feedback in an educational context is an amazing tool to guide learners towards a goal. This literature review examines the beginning of feedback research, beginning with Thorndike’s Law of Effect in 1898 and moving into what researchers are finding today. The guiding questions for this literature review are: What does the research say about giving effective feedback for student writing in the secondary classroom and, also, which agents best deliver that feedback? As a seventh-grade English and Language Arts teacher in Minnesota, USA, I wanted an in-depth understanding of feedback and how to optimize my own role as an agent of feedback for my students. Understanding other agents of feedback give the additional benefit of learning about student preferences, peer interactions, and self-evaluations. Overall, my review found a strong theme of positivity when evaluating students’ work or students’ responses.

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Teaching M.A.

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Masterʼs thesis