Education Doctorate

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First Advisor

Paulson, Patricia


Movement is important for brain development. This qualitative, multi-case study investigated the effects of the Minds-In-Motion Maze targeted movement program on the students at a small, private school in the Midwest. Case studies encompassing 14 elementary students, represent the educational ability level, racial, and socio-economic diversity of the students in the school. The findings suggest that targeted movement activities showed noteworthy gains in auditory digit span in students who participated in the maze. A review of related literature highlighted the dominance of for-profit movement based interventions targeting students with social, emotional, and learning problems. This study sought to investigate the impact of targeted movement activities on all students in a low-cost, time efficient program that is able to be instituted in an elementary school setting. The study utilized the auditory digit span measurement as a way to assess cognitive function. The findings in this study underscored the importance of targeted movement activities. A teacher interview was employed to gain insight into the implementation of the program and assess insight in program benefits and results. The study concluded by exploring various implications for targeted movement activities in elementary settings.

Degree Name

Education Doctorate

Document Type

Doctoral dissertation