Education Doctorate

Year Approved


First Advisor

Tracy Reimer

Second Reader

Christopher Kamrath

Third Reader

Michael Lindstrom


The purpose of this qualitative research study was to understand the perceptions of elementary school teachers who have used MoveMindfully® regarding their personal social emotional well-being and efficacy in meeting the needs of their students. Respondents included eight elementary level tenured teachers from three schools in two districts who implemented MoveMindfully®. Interviews were conducted using Zoom, a video conferencing platform. Interviews were recorded, transcribed, coded, and analyzed for themes. Reliability was enhanced by using an iterative coding process with the dissertation advisor and by using an independent coding analyst. Themes were developed from codes that appeared in at least five of the eight interviews. Findings included that MoveMindfully® strategies reduce teachers’ emotional responses in the classroom, increases teachers’ awareness of the need to be self-regulated to effectively model and teach students self-regulation skills, and strengthens relationships in the classroom setting. Teachers acquire knowledge and skills from MoveMindfully® to better meet the needs of their students. Teachers using MoveMindfully® positively impact their students’ social emotional health and well-being and are equipped to improve students’ capacity to learn. The MoveMindfully® teacher training contributed to effective classroom implementation and impacted teachers’ mindsets. Teacher efficacy may be hindered when teachers experience challenges implementing MoveMindfully®. Future researchers could explore principals’ and students’ perceptions of MoveMindfully® and the programs’ impact on student achievement.

Degree Name

Education Doctorate

Document Type

Doctoral dissertation