Teaching M.A.

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Silmser, Lisa

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Nathan Elliott;


The purpose of feedback is to communicate information to students about their performance or understanding. Instructor-created recorded audio is one method that may improve the effectiveness and efficiency of feedback. This literature review examines the effectiveness of audio feedback on improving student learning and performance. In relation to student experience, studies demonstrate a positive response from students to many aspects of audio feedback. These include increased engagement, better understanding of feedback, and a perception of more personalized feedback from instructors. Audio feedback has also been reported to positively impact the students' perception of instructors. Some studies suggest that audio feedback can be an inclusive strategy appealing to students who prefer aural modalities as well as multilingual learners. Though students consistently had positive feelings about audio feedback, the literature indicates a wide range of preference for feedback modes. Audio feedback appears to be heading toward a point in time where it can be proven to save time for instructors, and as technology improves, the technical glitches can be resolved and processes can be streamlined to remove this potential barrier.

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Teaching M.A.

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Masterʼs thesis