Physician Assistant M.S.

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Klein, Alicia

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Tammie Haveman;


Diabetes is a disease that is prevalent in both the United States, and within the homeless population. This project outlines what T2DM is, its prevalence in the homeless population, and then barriers to treatment that the homeless face. Educational material and information regarding diabetes is severely lacking in the homeless population. There are many organizations that exist to aid homeless individuals in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area. This project is specifically working with an organization called Helping Homeless Minnesota. By researching information on T2DM, homelessness, and educational materials available, resources have been created for Helping Homeless MN. The resources are meant to be utilized by the staff and the homeless they assist to prevent complications of T2DM. The resources created for this project include a Powerpoint presentation for Helping Homeless MN and a brochure for the homeless individuals served by Helping Homeless MN. The presentation and brochure describe T2DM, complications, food options, and resources available in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area. Helping Homeless MN also received a recorded presentation and PDF of the presentation to educate their future volunteers. Feedback regarding the impact and usefulness of this project was not shared with the researchers. Limitations include communication barriers with Helping Homeless MN and COVID-19. Future research could build this project and expand its scope. By tailoring the resources the project could be expanded to many other homeless organizations in many areas.

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Masters of Science in Physician Assistant

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Masterʼs thesis