Teaching M.A.

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Wickam, Molly

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Nandi Rieck;


The purpose of this literature review was to identify the current educational pathways that are offered at the secondary level, explore the intersections that exist between career and technical education (CTE) and core academic courses, determine how states are currently using this information to prepare students for college and career readiness, and identify the obstacles that occur due to integration. The need for integration is visible in the research but the implementation of common core state standards (CCSS), especially used by English language arts, mathematics, and science, into CTE is not as simple as just inserting these standards into CTE courses. Reviewing the intersections that occur with both CTE and academic core courses, identifying limitations and funding concerns, and ensuring that there is time allocated to complete the implementation is imperative to successfully integrate core academic standards into CTE courses.

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Teaching M.A.

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Masterʼs thesis