Education Doctorate

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Dahlvig, Jolyn


This phenomenological study used semi-structured interviews to understand the lived experiences and racial attitudes of White students at a CCCU (Council for Christian Colleges & Universities) institution as they related to Black people. The participants were asked about their past experiences with Black people, their discussions with family about race, their present understanding of terminology related to race and racism, and their desire to support racial justice in the future. Through this study, three groups of students were identified: those that were educated on matters related to race and racism, those that were just beginning to understand these issues, and those that denied the existence of these issues. The data gathered from these interviews pointed to the need for increased discussion about race and racism by faculty, staff, and students on Christian college campuses. Universities must take a holistic approach to educating students on issues related to race and racism, by hiring and retaining faculty and staff of color, challenging preconceived notions about events and chapel on campus, and intentionally assessing the curriculum across all academic and social sectors

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Education Doctorate

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Doctoral dissertation

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