Special Education M.A.

Year Approved


First Advisor

Bostrom, Cheryl


The purpose of this action research project was to determine how educators can promote self-management skills among students with disabilities in the general education classroom. Previous studies were used to summarize the current state of social-emotional learning in the American public-school system and to identify strategies that promote self-management skills in special education classrooms. The Delphi method was used to distinguish which of these strategies would promote self-management skills for students with disabilities in the general education classroom. Panelists (N = 18) generated and ranked strategies in three questionnaires, and they created consensus on the top 10 strategies with the highest potential for impact. The top five strategies were: developing a relationship with the student, engaging in early intervention, preparing students for hypothetical situations in the classroom, teaching and using calming techniques, and teaching regulation strategies. Additional research is needed to determine the efficacy of these identified strategies and whether explicit social-emotional curricula is necessary for improving social-emotional learning outcomes.

Degree Name

Special Education M.A.

Document Type

Masterʼs thesis