Education Doctorate

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Parolini, Jeanine


The purpose of this quantitative causal-comparative study was to examine teachers’ attitudes toward multiculturalism and perceptions of multicultural curriculum. Teachers’ perception of whether their schools’ curriculum reflects multicultural perspectives was measured using the Multicultural Education Evaluation Checklist (Banks, 1994). Teachers’ attitudes toward multiculturalism was measured in three domains collected by the Munroe Multicultural Attitude Scale Questionnaire (MASQUE): know, care, and act (Munroe & Pearson, 2006). Survey responses were collected from 172 liberal arts teachers with 1-5 years of experience in a metropolitan area. The results suggested that teachers “act” scores on the MASQUE were positively associated with teachers’ perceptions of multicultural curriculum; however, teachers’ “care,” “know,” and total MASQUE scores were negatively associated with teachers’ perceptions of multicultural curriculum. Recommendations and implications for educators are discussed.

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Education Doctorate

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Doctoral dissertation