Doctor of Ministry

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First Advisor

Parolini, Jeanine


While research on servant leadership focuses on the behavior or actions of leaders toward the follower, this project examines the inward development of those leaders to determine what godly attributes need cultivation to demonstrate the seven virtues of Kathleen Patterson. Patterson’s doctoral work “Servant Leadership: A Theoretical Model,” was published in 2003 by Regent University School of Leadership Studies. The examination of the lives of pastors, leaders, and lay leaders defined as servant leaders based on Patterson’s theory helped in the development of an attribute-driven virtue-focused servant leadership development model for this project. These leaders were asked to share what attributes were necessary to develop the seven virtues within Patterson’s theory. The theological and biblical study, scholarly literature review, and data generated from the participants helped this researcher create a model to train the leaders of Abundant Life Church of God. The findings revealed that the necessary steps to the development of the attributes within the leader were: a dependency upon God, having mentors or coaches, building self-awareness, self-development, creating the right environment, and teaching the leader about service. These findings were used to develop a manual for training future leaders within Abundant Life Church of God.

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Doctor of Ministry

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Doctoral thesis