Teaching M.A.

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Wickam, Molly


This review of literature examines the effects of professional studies programs and industry relationships on students’ college and career preparation. High schools can no longer place students on an academic or vocational track, as 21st century students need to be prepared for both postsecondary education and entrance to the workforce. The opportunities for observation and experiential learning provided through such programs can offer students a variety of benefits, including immediate impacts to their high school career, clarification of career goals, postsecondary preparation, development of employability skills, and improved employment prospects. However, the extent to which these benefits are experienced varies by program. Programs that have been able to successfully maximize these benefits were found to have a strong framework in place, served appropriate students, obtained a strong commitment from all parties involved, included industry mentorship, and emphasized reflection and refinement. By implementing these various components, professional studies programs can improve a students’ preparedness for college and career.

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Teaching M.A.

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Masterʼs thesis