Doctor of Ministry

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Senapatiratne, Timothy


This project addressed the lack of integration of biblical teaching in the consultation work of Pastor-Church Relations in the Christian Reformed Church of North America. The goal of this project was to demonstrate and encourage a thorough integration so that organizational wisdom might be informed, anchored and enriched by scriptural teaching. This goal was achieved by program development. A first step involved identifying hospitality as a core biblical theme. The theme of hospitality was traced from creation, through the fall into sin, through redemption in Jesus Christ and ultimately the consummation of all things. Special attention was given to the New Testament teaching on hospitality as evidenced in the story of Ananias and Sapphira, and in the passages which describe the generous outpouring of gifts upon the body of Christ. Sources of organizational wisdom which intentionally focused attention on the organized church were reviewed with respect to their engagement with Scripture. A number of sources provided excellent samples of meaningful integration. For the purpose of emulating such integration in a Pastor-Church workshop, Bolman and Deal’s Reframing Organizations and its use of a four-lens model in viewing organizations was selected. The workshop explored the intersection of Bolman and Deal’s four lenses with Scripture. Each of these lenses was linked to one of the four New Testament gift passaged, and to the biblical theme of hospitality. There was a simultaneous focus on church as organization and as organism. The workshop was delivered on two occasions to groups of church leaders. By means of questionnaire surveys and interviews, evaluation of the fact of integration and quality of integration was received. The project demonstrated that integration of organizational wisdom and scriptural teaching was attainable in the work of Pastor-Church Relations.

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Doctor of Ministry

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Doctoral thesis