Athletic Training M.S.

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Johhson, Janet


Rotator cuff tendonitis is an injury that can occur in overhead athletes with overuse and eccentric training has shown to help relieve any pain with rotator cuff tendonitis. Kinesio taping (KT) is becoming increasingly popular in the athlete population. KT and eccentric training could be beneficial and effective together, but also remains unsolved as KT has many unanswered questions. The purpose of this critical review is to determine if eccentric exercise combined with KT is superior than with just eccentric exercise in rehabilitation for overhead athletes in order to decrease pain while in motion. There were 17 articles in total used in this critical review. Twelve of the studies did not have enough evidence or had inconclusive results in supporting KT with an exercise program. Five studies had some support for KT with an exercise program. The articles provided mixed conclusions of whether or not KT did have its effect with eccentric training or from the studies, an exercise program, in decreasing pain while in motion. On the other hand, three studies showed that short-term use of KT could be beneficial while mid- to long-term effects were not supported. Due to a lack of evidence and mixed study results, there is a need for more sufficient evidence or research, specifically in the athlete population, in order to properly support the effectiveness of KT and if it makes a difference being combined with eccentric training or an exercise program.

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Athletic Training M.S.

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Masterʼs thesis

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Kinesiology Commons